Great thinking means adopting a business model that works for the modern age.

Noha is an acronym for “No Hidden Agenda”.

No Hidden Agenda means that we understand :

The multiplicity of choices which brands have to make to connect effectively with their audiences

The increased complexity of agency agendas and the way in which this increasingly focuses the agency’s best minds internally diverting energy and talent away from working on the client’s needs

The need to persuade chief executives and finance directors that marketing is a necessary investment rather than a luxury cost

The value in disruptive technologies and their impact on client performance and bottom line

Our business model gives us the freedom to:

Be expert in all communication channels and yet beholden to none of them

Devote more of our energy and talent to working with and for our clients (and less to sitting in internal meetings and delivering to agency group overhead)

Be innovative in the way in which we staff our client accounts – we have account handlers on client premises supported by a high level digital and creative team

Be innovative in the way in which we staff our client accounts – we have handlers onto client premises supported by a high level creative team

Making Technology Work to Your Advantage

Our Digital Role

We aim to help you avoid the need for costly digital platforms when you only need to use a small part of the service.

We specialise in being close to and understanding new technologies and markets, and knowing what's going to happen next.

We work with you to see what's coming and help you evolve to meet it.

We bring new products and services to life in prototypes, trial products and experiences so you can envision the future, so you are ready for it and lead it.

Thought Provoking Creativity

Our Creative Role

The advent of social media means that each and every one of us is an author, an editor, a publisher, a distributor and an influencer and we do it all for free. Noha ...

Who We Are

Noha is led and staffed by senior, board level marketing professionals. We have all worked at board level within top agencies and / or run our own businesses. We know that there is only one agenda: to build value, security and successful careers for our clients.

  • John Phillips - Managing Director
  • Marcus Murphy - Client Director
  • Jonathan Bowker - Digital Director
  • Martin Neagus - Creative Director
  • Derek Randall-Hall - Studio and IT support
  • Bob Pott - Advertising Strategist
  • Carolyn Boddington - Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Roddy Fisher - New Business Director

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