An agency that isn't modelled on the usual agency model

"NOHA is one of the most flexible agency partners I worked with during the last years. John and his team delivered incredible creative solutions on a global scale ... on a personal and customized client relationship. Very good understanding of the automotive industry and its communication needs."

Doris Kunschitz

Head of Global Marketing Programmes,
BP Lubricants

See what clients have to say about NOHA’s more flexible, more creative and more accountable way of working

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Welcome to Noha Agency

Noha is a new breed of marketing agency. Our name says as much. It’s an acronym for “No Hidden Agenda”.

No Hidden Agenda means that we understand the complexities of today’s marketing environment:

  • The multiplicity of choices which brands have to make to connect effectively with their audiences
  • The increased complexity of agency agendas and the way in which this increasingly focuses the agency’s best minds internally diverting energy and talent away from working on the client’s needs
  • The need to persuade chief executives and finance directors that marketing is a necessary investment rather than a luxury cost

Noha is led and staffed by senior marketing professionals. We have all worked at board level within top agencies and / or run our own businesses. We know that there is only one agenda: it’s not about the number of awards you win (although we have plenty of them); it’s about helping to build value, security and successful careers for our clients.

Our business model gives us the freedom to:

  • Be expert in all of the channels and yet beholden to none of them
  • Devote more of our energy and talent to working with and for our clients (and less to sitting in internal meetings and delivering to agency group overhead)
  • Be innovative in the way in which we staff our client accounts – as an example, we have successfully pioneered the concept of a hybrid agency putting senior account handlers onto client premises supported by a high level creative team
  • Maintain our passion and enthusiasm for communications

We love new and interesting challenges and our years of experience means that we’re also pretty good at cracking the age-old ones. We’d love to chat.

The New Digital Landscape

In every sector, digital innovation is rewriting the rules of business: “digital” is now a strategic issue and not just about technology platforms or business processes. It requires leadership from the board, the CEO and the digital experts who will execute a strategy for digital transformation.

Our industry expertise, our experience in the boardroom and our extensive work with digital companies gives us a deep understanding of the challenges that non-digital companies face in navigating their sector-specific transformations.

Jonathan Bowker
Head of Digital,
Noha Agency

See what clients have to say about NOHA’s more flexible, more creative and more accountable way of working

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