Why Understanding Your Web Traffic is Important to Your Business

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” – Lord Kelvin

Web Analytics is a thermometer for your website, constantly checking and monitoring your online health. As a practice, it is the study of online experience in order to improve it; without it you are flying blind.
How can you determine whether your search engine marketing is effective at capturing your maximum potential audience or whether negative blog comments are hindering conversions?
Is the user experience a good one, encouraging engagement and return visits, or are visitors bouncing off your website after viewing only a single page?
Web Analytics enables you to identify what is working and what is not working from a visitor’s point of view and is the foundation for running, maintaining and improving a successful website.
Even when you make wrong decisions, Web Analytics provides the feedback mechanism to identify and correct mistakes quickly.

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Jonathan Bowker

Jonathan Bowker is Noha’s Head of Digital

Jonathan Bowker

Jonathan started his career in the City of London as a Lloyds broker before moving to Turkey in 1992. Since then he has worked on numerous digital projects with the most recent being the build of a hybrid Social Web TV Network. The purpose of the network was to engage with the Turkish speakers worldwide using Social Media technology and communicate the Republican People’s Party (CHP) political messages.

Jonathan has worked with many start ups with the first start up was a property portal for residential property in Turkey which generated over £10 million of international sales within the first year. To support overseas property investors he launched a second start up, an English language legal portal to bridge clients with English speaking Turkish lawyers which led to his appointment to set up the offices and case management systems in Turkey for Europe Law.

He has worked with many market leaders including Worldres.com, Skinkers.com, Ipix, PR Newswire, Turkcell, Apple Bilkom, Fuji Film, Isuzu, Sony Ericsson, YachtWorld & Boats.com and he now specialises in digital media and online business development. His video marketing and PR work has been aired on the BBC, CNN and Bloomberg TV.

With many years of project development on leading digital platforms and social media networks he has the knowledge and skill set to build and manage digital marketing strategies to suit all levels of budget. 

Jonathan is a qualified Google Analytics Consultant and a Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketing Professional.


Jonathan’s pick of the Noha portfolio: –


A lifetime in Turkey just isn’t enough to experience the diversity of this immense country. The Turkish Tourism Board has so much potential material available and Noha has started to tap into it.


Not only did BP sponsor the right team for this amazing car rally, but also NOHA managed to turn round, in a matter of hours,  the winner’s ad when Volkswagen Motorsport came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. NOHA and BP are clearly a winning team as these enablement toolkits and supporting collateral demonstrate.


This campaign manages to overcome the difficult, and sometimes insurmountable, challenge of incorporating two huge and well known brand identities into a cohesive piece of communication.  The resulting “unique combination of engine and oil” plays to the strengths of these two corporate giants and cut through the media clutter.

The New Digital Landscape

In every sector, digital innovation is rewriting the rules of business: “digital” is now a strategic issue and not just about technology platforms or business processes. It requires leadership from the board, the CEO and the digital experts who will execute a strategy for digital transformation.

Our industry expertise, our experience in the boardroom and our extensive work with digital companies gives us a deep understanding of the challenges that non-digital companies face in navigating their sector-specific transformations.

Jonathan Bowker
Head of Digital,
Noha Agency

See what clients have to say about NOHA’s more flexible, more creative and more accountable way of working

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