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Human generated text data is unstructured and has posed a significant challenge to machine interpretation.  And yet it is rich in meaning and accounts for more than 70%–80% of all the data held in organisations today. To unlock the value resident in that data you need a combination of advanced technology and skilled human interpretation. 


Noha works with (Pi) Solutions developed by its sister company Brand Sentiment.  (Pi) Solutions delivers machine assisted intelligence bringing together data from multiple internal and external sources (including all of the major social media platforms), passing that data through advanced multilingual natural language processing,  giving it structure and revealing its meaning.(Pi) Solutions publishes the results to search engines and other applications enabling users to uncover intelligence and understand connected relationships between people, places and topics.


If you would like to understand how machine learning can identify the difference between "I went to the Duke of Edinburgh for a pint" and "I went for a pint with the Duke of Edinburgh", we can show you how!

Collect text data from multiple sources, mash it up together to give it structure, put it through the world's leading text analytics engine and turn it into intelligence accessible via intuitive dashboards at your fingertips.



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