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The first thing we did for Quanticate was to give them their name and identity! Quanticate was the result of an amalgamation of 2 contract research organisations in the pharmaceutical sector with shared ownership - Statwood and Oxford Pharmaceutical Sciences (OPS).




While both working in biometrics research, Statwood and OPS had very different cultures and heritages. NOHA’s task was to help them to present the integrated business to their staff, customers and prospects and the investment community as a serious player with international reach. The company had no in-house marketing experience or expertise.




We started with the name (we wanted an action name that could conceivably be a verb, that made reference to their core statistical capabilities and that had an immediately established feel) and then built out the identity. Because business to business presentation lay at the heart of their communications needs we built the identity back from the PowerPoint presentation into the rest of the company’s collateral.


Over a short 4 month period NOHA created the Quanticate name and identity, produced the company’s presentation, website, exhibition stand and marketing collateral, wrote the marketing plan and communications strategy and wrote, organised and facilitated the company’s launch day at Vinopolis in London.


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